Climate Survey

The Action 13 Advocacy Team circulated a Climate Survey to candidates running in the provincial election. The survey was sent to each candidate* in the provincial ridings of Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas (HWAD) and Flamborough-Glanbrook (FlamGlan), eight in total.
* based on contact information available at the time

Questions covered topics ranging from emissions and new highways to flooding, urban sprawl, farmland and the local food system to climate justice and the Greenbelt.

Responses received are included below in full. Click on candidate’s name for their response.

Response Rate

NDP candidates for both ridings completed and returned the Climate Survey. One Liberal candidate returned the survey. All responses received are included in the synopsis provided here. 

Five of the eight campaigns contacted did not reply to the survey, including no Conservative or Green Party candidates. The New Blue and None of the Above

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Climate Results

Both the two NDP and one Liberal support Hamilton’s decision to protect farmland and hold firm on the urban boundary, recognizing that land use is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. All respondents also called on greater climate action. 

The connection between the cost of fuel and rising food prices was acknowledged, underpinned with a recognition that more needs to be done to help Ontarians deal with a rising cost of living.

Candidates’ understanding of local climate related issues varied. The Liberal cited provincial policy repeatedly. The NDP better connected policy with local needs, demonstrating a better grasp of local issues.

Regarding the Greenbelt, both NDP candidates support a “Made in Hamilton Plan” to expand the Greenbelt to protect more natural areas and farmland in Hamilton. The Liberal candidate, however, avoided this question and replied with provincial generalities, not the local plan shared with them.


Click on name to see candidate’s response or scroll down:

Hamilton West - Ancaster - Dundas

Flamborough - Glanbrook

Flamborough - Glanbrook

Mellisse Willems, Liberal

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